Crime Spree Suspect Stuck on Telephone Wire While Escaping Police in Washington State Washington State Crime Spree Suspicious

In Washington state, a burglar led police on a high-speed pursuit for several hours before crashing into a telephone wire and becoming trapped, according to the Vancouver police department.

Vancouver Police responded to a call of a break-in at a vehicle on Saturday. The suspect allegedly stole several items from the vehicle before leaving and entering a nearby backyard where he is believed to have stolen a bicycle.

One of the neighbors saw the bike being stolen and pursued the suspect, who later turned out to be Roman E. Stanley. The suspect dropped the bike and fled on foot, according to police.

While police were investigating the earlier incidents, an officer was called to another location for a report of a man matching Stanley’s description entering a business, stealing an employee’s cell phone and striking an employee in the chest before running off on foot.

However, while doing a perimeter check, officers were called to a third location for a report of a man on a rooftop throwing bricks onto a sidewalk, resulting in property damage to multiple buildings.

According to police, crisis negotiators tried unsuccessfully to get Stanley off the roof. He then used telephone wires to cross the street and clung to them for about 45 minutes.

The negotiators continued to struggle with Stanley to get him to land safely, and a Vancouver Fire truck was parked beneath him to prevent him from falling into the street.

In the end, police said Stanley lost control of the wires and fell on top of the fire engine, where he was arrested. According to police, Stanley was medically evaluated at the hospital and booked into Clark County Jail for robbery II, theft II, theft III, and malicious mischief.