Matty Healy swiftly moved on from Taylor to Gabrietter Bechtel

As the title suggests, the popular musician Taylor Swift had her hands on the 1975 singer Matty Healy. But now it’s speculated the British singer has made his move on the vocalist Gabrietter Bechtel.

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How versatile is Gabrietter Bechtel?

Gabrietter Bechtel at Paris Fashion Week 2023

After the pair started being seen in the public eye, Bechtel had name across everyone’s minds. Her versatility spans across music, modelling and even dancing. Born to Mexican and German origin, she has definite features proving it. She’s widely known for her 90s-grunge aesthetic.

As a child, Bechtel dreamed of becoming a professional ballerina but fate had some other plans, as she ended up dancing in music videos after moving to Los Angeles.

Later on, she decided to pursue modelling as well. She has modelled for various campaigns like SKIMS, Heaven by Marc Jacobs and even walked the runway for late 2023 Diesel’s fashion show.


We couldn’t do anything together, we couldn’t tour our second EP, and we weren’t able to make music together because we were all in different places in the world. 


Talking about music, Bechtel was the lead vocalist of a band Nasty Cherry, started by Charli XCX in 2019, but it abruptly stopped releasing music in 2021 due to members being all over the world hit by the pandemic struggles.

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 My mum would always be putting a twist on a recipe and my dad would be grilling something or making sauerkraut.


During pandemic, Bechtel went online to show her love for cooking and share recipes. She proudly credits her parents for teaching her to respect and love cooking as they do.

How did the duo align their notes?

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Their photos together went public in September 2023 giving out PDA in the streets of NYC, but none of them confirmed on their status of relationship and left it to the viewers’ to speculate.

While Healy was previously viral for a brief romance with Taylor Swift, these photos shut it down quickly. Additionally, they even attended more shows the same month and continued to play the social media game as well.

It’s reportedly said they met via Charli XCX as both the bands have mutual interests and projects together. Despite getting mixed reviews from Healy’s fans, Bechtel remains to be nonchalant about it and live her best life ahead.