2024 North Carolina’s 5 Most Dangerous Cities

2024 North Carolina’s 5 Most Dangerous Cities

The state of North Carolina is located in the country’s Southeast. Virginia borders it to the north, South Carolina to the south, Georgia to the southwest, and Tennessee to the west. The Atlantic Ocean borders it to the east.

But this crucial region of the US is quite infamous as per the violent crime reports, so we have collected the top 5 cities in North Carolina that pose a considerable threat to visitors and residents alike.

  1. Lumberton

Robeson County, North Carolina’s Lumberton, has been named the state’s most dangerous place to live for 2024.Its population is 19,025 and its crime rate is extremely high. Individuals have a 1 in 27 risk of falling victim. Violent crime is a serious issue, and property crimes are frequent. One major factor contributing to the high crime rate is drug use.

446 violent crimes were reported in Lumberton, including 361 aggravated assaults, 61 robberies, 16 rapes, and 8 murder cases.

  1. Laurinburg

Located in Scotland County, North Carolina, USA, Laurinburg serves as both the county seat and a city. St. Andrews University is housed in Laurinburg, which is southwest of Fayetteville and situated in southern North Carolina, close to the border with South Carolina. 

With an average of around one burglary per day, Laurinburg has the sixth highest rate of burglaries in the state. It is really uncommon, yet in Laurinburg, there were actually more burglaries than larcenies.The odds of becoming a victim of a violent crime in 2022 were 1 in 64 for residents, which was the seventh highest in North Carolina.

  1. Henderson

Henderson is situated on the S-Line, which is currently controlled by CSX Transportation and was formerly the Seaboard Air Line Railroad’s main line. 

Henderson is referred to as North Carolina’s “murder capital.” Despite having only 15,000 residents, there is a high crime rate. There were 855 criminal violations of property and 10 murders among the 303 violent crimes. This demonstrates the need for improved community safety protocols.

Located 40 miles from Durham,  property crimes in Henderson are also very common.

  1. Reidsville

Rockingham County’s east central region is home to Reidsville. The city centre is traversed by the Southern Railroad, which runs from north to south.

Though small, Reidsville is one of the deadliest parts of North Carolina. With 14,125 residents, the crime rate is significant. Individuals are more likely to fall victim to violent or property crimes. There were 138 violent crimes in 2022. The data indicates that there are safety concerns in the community.

  1.  Fayetteville

The Fayetteville metropolitan area is the second most populated in southeast North Carolina and the 142nd most populous in the country, with a predicted 392,336 population in 2023.

But one of the riskiest cities in North Carolina is Fayetteville. There were 7,240 property crimes and 2,065 violent crimes reported in Fayetteville  in 2022. A high number of crime victims marks the city’s landscape. This is not simply data; it indicates that actual individuals are dealing with life threatening concerns. For the residents’ safety and wellbeing, more safety measures need to be introduced.