A Deep Dive Into Keleigh Teller And Miles Teller Saga

The latest release of “The Tortured Poets Department” by none other than the queen of the American music industry, Taylor Swift, has not only left Swifties ecstatic and gushing over the heart-wrenching interplay of melody and lyrics orchestrated by the maestro but even got some of Taylor’s closest friends to show their love and support. One such name making the news is none other than Keleigh Teller, who has recently posted herself vibing with “So Long London” from Taylor’s newest release.

To all the new fans and swifties who might have overlooked this very popular friend of Taylor and are grasping at straws to know more after discovering Keleigh is married to none other than the “Divergent” star Miles Teller, this article is the perfect information hub you are looking for. So let’s take a plunge into the story of the lovely Teller couple!

Who is Keleigh Teller?

According to her IMDb, Keleigh Teller(maiden name: Keleigh Sperry) seems to have broken into the film industry through the 2017 short film “Dance” and also appeared in a 2011 music video but it was left uncredited.

Keleigh Sperry was born in Orange County, California, and is the youngest of six siblings.

Her father, in addition to being the CEO of Sperry Equities, a commercial real estate investment firm, had developed the commercial real estate brand, Sperry Van Ness.

Keleigh also seems to have a knack for business and her Twitter account lists her as a co-owner of the fashion label BYLT Basics and the Finnish spirits firm Long Drink.

The Journey Of Keleigh Sperry to Keleigh Teller

The Keleigh-Miles meet cute happened at a Grammy event(looks like music does bring people closer!). When Miles and Keleigh went to hear the Black Keys at the GRAMMY after-party, they got introduced through mutual acquaintances in the band.

In a 2019 interview with Vogue, Miles revealed how he felt a strong connection with Keleigh as they started going out and knew they were gonna be together for a very long time.

Public sightings of the couple did not fail to show their strong bond. Sperry accompanied Teller at the MTV Movie Awards in spring 2016, where the actor was asked to present an award. As they smiled for the cameras, the couple shared a sweet moment before planting a kiss. Teller wore a bomber jacket with a white T-shirt, while Sperry sported an all-black ensemble.

Miles asked Keleigh to marry him after they had been dating for four years and the proposal was rather adventurous, to say the least.

The pair left for South Africa in August 2017, traveling halfway around the globe to Seychelles and Miles managed to surprise Keleigh by bending his knee at a safari. Miles and Keleigh made their red carpet debut as an engaged couple two months later at the premiere of Miles’ Only the Brave.

Miles and Keleigh tied the knot in a small wedding on September 1, 2019. They chose their marriage destination as Maui, a place dear to Sperry. The ceremony happened on a Sunday at a Catholic church on the island, as per media reports. They exchanged exquisite gold wedding bands that a friend had created, and they each wrote their vows.