A Peek Into Kay’La Hanson And NBA Legend Damian Lillard’s Split

With the recent concern over Damian Lillard’s Achilles tendon injury that resurfaced during a crucial moment in his game against the Indiana Pacers and eventually led to the Milwaukee Bucks’ loss, Lillard has become one of the most searched men. Curiosity spread like wildfire among fans, who are now finding themselves grappling with vague stories about his estranged wife, Kay’La Hanson.

So, we’re here to give our readers a very clear view into our NBA star’s complicated personal life.

 Who is Kay’La Hanson?

Kay’La Hanson, the NBA player’s ex-wife was born on November 9, 1991, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hanson graduated from Legacy High School in 2010 and was enrolled at Webster State University in Utah to pursue nursing and there she met Damian.

She has spent six years working in the medical field, but now her career aspirations have taken a wild turn as she takes pride in the ownership of her nail business, DIPPED, which is in Oregon.

Lillard has always spoken fondly about Hanson and acknowledged how she had given him constant support and care during their college years.

The Break Up

The two began dating while attending Weber State University. Lillard proposed to Kay’La in February 2020 while attending the Chicago, Illinois, All-Star weekend. On September 5, 2021, Kay’La and Damian exchanged vows in a private ceremony.

Celebrities like rappers Common and Snoop Dogg attended the big day, along with some of Lillard’s old colleagues like Tim Frazier and Evan Turner. David Vanterpool, a longtime assistant for the Blazers and Lillard’s mentor, was also present. 

After their first born, Damian Jr., the couple welcomed their twins Kalii Laheen Lillard, and Kali Emma Lillard in 2021.

Throughout the years Kay’La proved to be a supportive partner. Due to an abdominal ailment in 2021, when Lillard was unable to play for the entire season and underwent surgery early in 2022 his wife turned out to be his pillar of strength as the player revealed in interviews.

But despite a seemingly happy marriage, Lillard filed for divorce from Hanson in Portland on October 2, 2023. “Irreconcilable differences” in the partnership were stated in the records as the reason for “the irremediable breakdown of their marriage.”

As per reports Lillard had already moved out of the family home in December 2022. According to reports, Kay’La was also barred from taking the last name “Lillard” after the divorce.

All About Damian Lillard

Lillard is an NBA player with the Milwaukee Bucks and is known for making clutch plays, which has earned him the title of “Dame Time ”. 

He played collegiate basketball for the Weber State Wildcats and was named third-team All-American in 2012. In the 2012 NBA draft, he was chosen by the Portland Trail Blazers with the sixth overall pick. He won the NBA Rookie of the Year award for the 2012–13 campaign, and while on the team, he was selected for seven NBA All-Star teams and seven All-NBA teams.

Lillard represented the United States in the 2020 Summer Olympics and took home a gold medal in 2021. He was selected for the NBA 75th Anniversary Team that same year. Following a trade request, he was dealt to the Milwaukee Bucks in 2023.