Beauty Queen Tavia Shackles Journey To Mrs Hunt

While the internet is abuzz with pictures of the beautiful Ava Hunt, Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt’s daughter, attending her final high school dance, some people can’t help but circle back to her mother, Tavia Shackles to understand the stunning woman from whom she got her grace.

So, for today’s article, we’re going to know all about the former Miss Kansas USA.

Who Is Tavia Shackles?

Tavia’s family has always lived in the city of the Chiefs, Kansas, where she was born and raised. The birthdate of Mrs. Hunt is August 1, 1971, and she is fifty-two years old as of February 2024. 

While she traveled the state of Missouri as a child participating in beauty pageants, Tavia harbored an ever-deepening pride for her Missourian heritage. She was crowned Miss Missouri Teen USA and Miss Kansas USA during her years in the pageant field.

In 1993, Tavia participated in the Miss USA pageant, coming in second behind Real Housewives actress Kenya Moore.

After two years of dating, Tavia and Clark got married in October 1993. Tavia also got quite engaged with the Chiefs after she married Clark.

In addition, Tavia plays a significant role in the NFL franchise as the Chiefs Women’s Organisation director. The program engages the athletes’ spouses and girlfriends in charitable work and community service.

Habitat for Humanity, initiated by the organization, has built homes and fed the hungry at neighborhood shelters. Tavia revealed in media interviews that the intention was to “lift others up” and build communal connections in addition to providing financial support.

Tavia is not only a director but also actively involved in the Chiefs cheerleading squad, helping to judge new cheerleaders and designing their clothes.

How Did Tavi And Clark Meet?

Tavia Shackles began her work with the Kansas City Chiefs as an intern as she has been an avid supporter of the Chiefs, and in 1991, she worked as a PR intern while pursuing her college degree. In an interview with a media outlet, Mrs. Hunt disclosed that during her intern years, she had first laid eyes on Clark Hunt towards the end of the summer following an inaugural luncheon. Clark asked Tavi to dinner and hence started their beautiful journey to marriage.

Clark was the son of Lamar Hunt, who had owned the Kansas City Chiefs at the time. Tavia claims that she was genuinely unaware of this information at the time he asked her out.

A few years into their courtship, Tavia Shackles and Clark Hunt formally announced their relationship. On October 23, 1993, Tavia Shackles, at just 22 years old, officially became Mrs. Hunt after she had just finished her political science degree at the University of Missouri.

Together, the pair is parent to three children: son Knobel, and daughters Gracie and Ava. The family is close, with Tavia and Clark raising their kids to be involved in their faith and passionate football fans.

Gracie, the first child of Clark Hunt and Tavia Shackles, became a beauty pageant queen just like her mother. Gracie so far has won two Miss Texas Teen International titles.