Jackie Beems Controversial Ex-Wife of Wrestling Legend Ric Flair

Jackie Beems, the fourth wife of legendary wrestler Ric Flair, gained fame as a result of their troubled marriage. Her narrative is one of drama, accusations, and unwavering resiliency as Flair’s ex-wife.

The beginning Story Of Jackie And Ric

Meeting at a Steakhouse Bar In 2004, Flair and Beems had a chance encounter at a Chicago steakhouse bar. After originally committing to other individuals, they both choose to become friends.

The Fourth Time’s a Charm Ric Flair had already been through three divorces, from Tiffany Vandemark, Elizabeth Harrell, and Leslie Goodman, and then Jackie Beems got married in 2009.

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The Troubled Marriage Of Jackie Beems And Ric Flair

Allegations of Abuse There have been allegations of abuse during their union. Flair was allegedly attacked by Beems, who left him beaten and wounded. The absence of evidence resulted to the dropping of charges.

Second Incident Ric Flair phoned the police to break up another fight with Jackie in 2012. Luckily, he did not require medical attention for his injuries.

The Separation Of Jackie And Ric

Divorce Timeline Ric Flair and Jackie Beems separated in 2012 after a three-year marriage.

Support from Fans Despite their challenging history, Flair’s supporters came together to support him during his health issues. Wendy Barlow, his fiancée, supported him as well .

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The Ric Flair Legacy

The Nature Boy One of the best wrestlers in WWE history is Ric Flair, Known as “the Nature Boy.” in Wrestling world.
Titles and Honors Over the course of his more than 50-year career, Ric won championships in the WWF (later WWE), TNA, NWA, and WCW. Officially, he has won the world championship 16 times, however some sources told that his total wins at 25 .

What happened to Jackie Beems after the divorce?

After her separation from Ric Flair, Jackie Beems mostly disappeared from public life. After a rough marriage,  Jackie Beems made the decision to keep a low profile. Although there are few facts available about her life after the divorce, it is clear that she left the wrestling community and put her own health first. Jackie Beems’ journey is proof that sometimes the most important stories are told behind closed doors.

As Ric Flair continues to be a wrestling legend, and Jackie Beems remains a significant part of his storied past.