Remembering Norah Lee Allen And Her Impact On Oak Ridge Boys

A double tragedy recently happened to the popular country-gospel group, The Oak Ridge Boys, on Easter Sunday. They lost two beloved family members in the course of a single day. Let’s explore Norah Lee Allen’s life and her relationship with the band’s singer, Richard Sterban.

Norah Lee Allen A Sweet Soul

After an extended illness, lead vocalist Duane Allen’s wife, Norah Lee Allen, passed away. Those who knew her felt an empty space in their hearts after she left. Being the female head of the Oak Ridge Boys, Norah was more than simply a family member. Anyone lucky enough to come into contact with her was affected by her wonderful soul. Their melodies grew alive with her presence, and their music will always carry her memory.

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The Loss of Richard Sterban And Her Wife Donna Sterban

A few hours after Norah’s passing away, the band suffered another loss. Richard Sterban’s bass singer wife, Donna, lost her father. Since their 1988 wedding, Richard and Donna Sterban have had a life full of family, love, and music. Their relationship goes beyond the stage, and they were deeply shocked to learn of Donna’s father’s loss.

A Memorable Easter By Oak Ridge Boys To Sterban Family

The Oak Ridge Boys shared their emotions on social media. They posted about Donna Sterban’s loss on Sunday night and asked for prayers for her family at this difficult moment in time. The Easter holiday took an unexpected turn, but in the middle of the grief, they clung to the hope of eternity—a hope that is greater than any suffering on earth.

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Legacy Of Norah Lee Allen

The Oak Ridge Boys’ music carries on Norah Lee Allen’s legacy. She filled their melodies with her affection, being there for them through all of their ups and downs. Her passing serves as a reminder of both the transience of life and the lasting legacy we leave behind. As fans, we pay tribute to Norah by loving the songs that she create.

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The notes of the Oak Ridge Boys’ song dance with the spirit of Norah Lee Allen during slower periods. She enters the celestial chorus and fits in well with the angels with her singing. Their shared hope of reuniting on the “promised day” keeps them going. They will always carry Norah’s memory with them, as a tribute to her family, love, and the healing power of music.

Rest in peace, Norah Lee Allen.