Taylor Glasnow’s Mysterious Girlfriend, Megan Murphy

Although the 30-year-old treasured pitcher from Dodgers’ is well known among his fans, very little information is known about his lovely girlfriend, Megan Murphy.

Apart from the occasional photographs with Glasnow, Murphy seems to keep a low profile, dedicating her time to her job and career. So we have acquired everything we know of Murphy to give a glimpse into the life of Glasnow’s companion.

Who Is Meghan Murphy?

Glasnow’s lady love seems to have had quite a remarkable academic journey and established herself as a certified Physician Assistant working in Marcadis Watt Plastic Surgery and Med spa. She has also worked with Diaco Institute Of Plastic Surgery after earning her Master in Medical Science in Physician Assistant Studies from Nova Southeastern University.

Meghan seems to be a successful career woman with a huge following and satisfied clientele.

Glasnow’s Support System

A diligent worker committed to her job,Murphy posts frequently on her social media accounts to inform her clients about the various medical procedures available at her clinic.But aside from the details of various treatments and their prices Meghan won hearts when she announced that she’d be working only part-time in Tampa as she was going to shift with Glasnow to California and support him in his Dodgers matches.She comforted her viewers by keeping a pre-booking service available to them so that she could cheer his boyfriend while also catering to her client’s needs.

How Did Glasnow And Murphy Meet?

Tyler Glasnow gave a romantic reiteration of the moment he met his current girlfriend, Meghan, in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. The beginning of Glasnow-Murphy story was at a Tampa Bay Rays Game.

Glasnow was so enamoured with Meghan’s wholesome and girly appearance that he had his team photographer zoom in on her to get a better look. He proceeded with a cute confession by throwing a ball with his phone number on it to her and asked her to text him. But in a sweet turn of events,Tyler’s pretty audience returned to the next game and threw a ball with her number to him,asking the baseball player to text her instead. Talk about being rom-com-coded!

After meeting once or twice, they both took a liking to each other, slowly getting to know the fun,travel enthusiastic sides of each other.

Recent Updates

Earlier in the winter of 2023, Tyler and Meghan took a trip to Thailand and Istanbul, exploring the diverse culture and food there.

The couple travelled by boat to Thailand’s Phi Phi Island, where monkeys that live on the cliff descend to greet visitors to Monkey Beach, which is just a small stretch of sand. The monkeys and the player had a fun time and bonded well to produce a few adorable pictures .

They also visited Peru recently and uploaded pictures from the trip on their social media accounts. In the pictures, they were seen enjoying the valleys of the Peruvian Andes and having adventures at the beautiful viewpoint of Machu Picchu.