The truth behind Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar’s marriage

The Indian business tycoon and a known name as the entrepreneurship, Arun Nayar has been real public with his marriage as well, with Elizabeth Hurley. Being the CEO of the technology company Direction Software Solutions, his word is spread rather quicker in celebrity circles.

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What’s the catch about Nayar?

Source: DNA India

As typically believed as a stereotype, that an Indian-oriented surname has to be Indian, doesn’t actually apply to Nayar as he rather spent his early years on a Leeds council estate. Born in German-born mother, and an Indian father ,the family moved to India shortly after the birth of his brother Nikhil.

Although Arun’s mischievous behavior in Mumbai, led the 16-year old to be sent back to England, to attend the prestigious Millfield boarding school. He continued to excel the strict education and sports,which obviously made the teenager set his goals and earn the naturally bright and well spoken student, to study physics at Oxford and later gain a Masters degree in physics at Imperial College, London.

Initially, his work in the posh areas in Mumbai earned a great lifestyle including mansions and live trips abroad. This led him to build connections and finance his startup to the global level.

Love at first sight

The lovebirds were first introduced to each other by a known financier Alessandro Torne and later they went public in 2003’s Paris Dior show.

Nayar with his wife Liz Hurley
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After quite being a hot topic regarding his previous marriage with Valentina Pedroni, their legal separation took it’s own sweet time but he was firm on remarrying Hurley in 2005.

Arun was handsome and enchanting, he was irresistible, and I fell in love straight away.


The recent iconic two-wedding tradition was first started by this couple and raised everyone’s standards around the world, leading to set the inspiration for Chopra-Jonas wedding. They held two wedding ceremonies in each homelands- India and England.

The duo with son Damian
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They chose to live in the outskirts and confirmed the rural life suits them and their son Damian from Nayar’s previous relationship better.Unfortunately, the couple parted their ways in 2010 with both being devastated but no one commented on their split, which still leaves the truth unconfirmed.

Third time’s a charm?

Nayar with Kim Johnson
Source: David M Bennett

A year later, after his second marriage, Kim Johnson entered his life and fast forward six months, they tied the knot. But sadly, it didn’t last long reportedly because Nayar was still connected to Hurley and even reunited in 2019 at Annabel’s in London.