All About Carín León’s Estranged Wife, Isabel Alejandra Esquer

With the wild haze of Coachella persisting even days after its conclusion, a curious Mexican tune is ablaze among most of the festival attendees. This music creator is none other than Carín León, who made history this year by performing at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Fans are now searching all over the internet to learn more about him and the recent rumors of a divorce from his wife, Isabel Alejandra Esquer. So if you are one of those inquisitive minds, you’ve come to the right place.

Who is Isabel Alejandra Esquer?

Esquer has managed to hide her personal life from the public eye despite being the wife of such a prominent musician; most details of her life are found through her social media engagement. Despite such a low-key life choice, León’s wife shows a keen ambition in the field of public relations and is currently engaged in several celebrities’ and brands’ PR teams. She is reportedly doing well in the industry, and her skills and expertise at her job are highly recognized by her clients.

She is also the co-founder of Music VIP, a label that supports up-and-coming musicians in regional Mexican music, so it’s safe to say Esquer has a deep relationship with Mexican music.

Are Alejandra Esquer and Carmen León divorced?

Much like the story of how these two lovebirds met, their separation too is shrouded in mystery. The couple, who seemingly got married in 2021 after dating for almost three years at the beautiful venue of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, has turned the news outlets upside down with rumors of separation back in 2023. But neither party has officially confirmed anything, which has left fans grappling at straws to make sense of the whole scenario.

Looking at León’s booming career, especially during the past couple of years, the musician appears to be practically married to his job, as he revealed in a recent interview.

The information surrounding Carín’s children is an even bigger mystery since some reports do say he has two kids, but none have any clarity over the parents or the gender of his children.

Esquer seems to be still involved with Carín’s PR team even after the divorce rumors started making the rounds all over the internet.

A Glance Through León’s Journey to Fame

The “Que Vuelvas” singer did not achieve fame overnight but had to persevere in the industry for quite a long time to get noticed. His journey started in 2010 with a friendly band of four, which he called Grupo Arranke. He gave seven years of hard work to this band before embracing a solo career in 2018 and producing songs like “Me La Avente” and “Tú”.He even covered “Moscas en la Casa,” which was originally released by Shakira.

It was only in 2022 that León’s career started to grow by leaps and bounds, partly due to the increased interest of audiences in Mexican music during the pandemic. He received his first Latin Grammy Award for Best Regional Mexican Song in 2022 for the song “Como lo Hice Yo” and even became the third most streamed Mexican artist on Spotify.